“Esthetic, restorative and surgical dentistry requires a dentist with a reservoir of dental training. Education is the cornerstone of choosing “your” Dentist. I study because it is vital and I love it.”

~ Dr. Lee Anne Campbell

“I have never had a conscientious dentist like Dr. Campbell in my entire life. Look at me at seventy plus, defying gravity. My smile is beautiful.”

~ Judy Schelble

A Unique Talent for
Artistic Expression

“I always thought hygiene was the most important part of dentistry. I now know first hand a good bite goes hand in hand with routine cleanings for preserving your teeth.”

~ Peggy Schlesser

Photography by Lee Anne Campbell & staff

Choosing to Preserve your Smile is
truly a Passionate Undertaking.

My passion is giving each person her/his unique smile.




We use photography, artistic talent and of course skill developed over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of continued education and study, in conjunction with the latest technology to provide you with the smile you've been wanting.

Esthetic Dentistry is finding your best smile.

The face, the eyes, curvature of the lips and finally the gums and teeth together communicate the look you want to create your beautiful lasting smile.

Our Dental Home is Your Home - Preserving This House.

We have used the same passion that we use to treat you, to preserve this house. This beautiful home is now our lovely dentist office that you visit!

  • Circa 1895

  • Circa 1925

  • 1978

  • 2014

  • Circa 1895

    Can you imagine looking out the window of the dentist office as you see horses walk slowly down the dirt streets and maybe letting out a little “tee-hee” as someone walks out of the outhouse? That's what you would have seen in 1895.

  • Circa 1925

    Did you know this property had started out as a home with children playing in the orchard and garden? It was complete with a cellar and simultaneously serving as a fire house? Now this property serves as our cosmetic dentist office.

  • 1978

    The office was in partial ruins when I bought it. There were two 7-8 feet high ant hills outside a back window. The deconstructing revealed a good foundation, which needed more support for years to come. We put hard work into constructing the dentist office we have today!

  • 2014

    Look at our dentist office today! We strive to preserve our history with the same care we want embrace your dental health and smile with!

Come Visit our Historic Building

in the Heart of Yelm.